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Autel TPMS Sensor 1 Piece (Metal/Rubber Valve)


Upgrade your GM vehicle’s TPMS hassle-free. Pre-programmed, long-lasting, and durable. No sensor programming needed. Withstands high temps, lasts 10 years.

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Autel, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, dedicates itself to developing professional diagnostic tools and translating global clients’ needs into superior cost-effective and innovative products with strong R&D and production capabilities.

Autel TPS218 (315 + 433MHz), as a programmable universal sensor being smart and efficient specially built for sensor replacement with maximum application coverage, ease of use, OE-level fit, performance and reliability, will help users economize the cost of diagnostic work and raise the repair efficiency greatly.

Easy to Use, No Learning Curve

Autel TPS218 thrives on simplicity, and you’ll be thoroughly impressed:

  • Straightforward Installation: There are only a few easy steps to install 2 in 1 sensor TPS218. With specific procedures (check the product manual), you can quickly take control and save considerable effort and time.
  • Maximum Signal Strength Wireless Programming: Can be easily programmed wirelessly even when the sensor has already been mounted in the wheel.
  • Simply Click In and Press Out: The patented press release valve design allows interchangeable rubber and metal valves to be easily replaced in the same sensor head by hand, with no valve fitting tool required.

98% Coverage, OE-Level Sensor

Autel TPS218 is built to match and even exceed OEM sensors in terms of signal interval, durability and functionality.  

  • Tested and certified to meet SAE industry standard J1205 / J1206 testing.
  • Supporting up 90% of North American, European and Asian vehicles and covering over 98% of all OE sensors on the market.
  • Offer latest model vehicle coverage as being able to quickly update during installation with an Autel wireless programming tool.
  • 100% ID clone-able with no relearn required.
  • To match OE sensor battery performance, Autel TPS218 provides maximum battery life, longer than most sensors ensuring greater replacement value.

Money Saver, Needing Only One

Autel TPS218 greatly simplifies users’ inventory management and lowers the investment as well as sales loss:  

  • It combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor to serve nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle, which means lower repair cost and higher install efficiency.
  • With 98% vehicle coverage, it will help you eliminate the need to carry the hundreds of sensors to fulfill shop orders.
  • Boasts the same superior sensor quality as an original factory one, with a fraction of the latter’s prize.
  • Top-quality technical support, no expensive “annual updates”, free software updates, and step-by-step walk-thru instructions. All of this comes free for the life of the sensor.

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