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Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS408 with 4 TPMS Sensors

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Autel, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, dedicates itself to developing professional diagnostic tools and translating global clients’ needs into superior cost-effective and innovative products with strong R&D and production capabilities.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 is a new generation base model TPMS tool, which is designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery condition, program AUTEL MX-sensors and provide on-tool relearn procedure. With big color display screen, fast service speed and up-to-date software update, TS408 is truly the excellent companion for your TPMS service work.

4 Things Need to be Noted Before Purchase:

  1. Autel TS508 comes with an OBD2 OBD II cable. Autel TS408 does not.
  2. Autel TS408 itself supports two main relearning modes: stationary relearning and dynamic relearning, the former mainly for Ford and GM cars, and the latter is mainly for luxury cars such as Maserati, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, etc. Other vehicles usually require the use of a decoder for relearning.
  3. Generally all vehicles that support stationary relearning and dynamic relearning support relearning via OBD.
  4. In most cases, using Autel TS408 needs to match with a decoder to complete the diagnoses and relearning of TPMS.

Activate Sensors & Program Autel MX-Sensors

MaxiTPMS TS408 is an easy-to-use handheld TPMS relearn tool, which is specially designed to activate all TPMS sensors, and program Autel MX-sensors(Only for Autel brand sensors programming).

Activate TPMS sensors: By choosing the right vehicle’s make, mode and year, Autel TS408 can activate all known OEM/Universal TPMS sensors to view TPMS data: sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery condition, sensor position and OE part number etc.

Program MX-sensors: TS408 can easily program Autel MX-sensor to replace OE TPMS sensors with 3 options:

√ The old sensor is not completely bad? Using Copy by Activation from the existing sensor to the new sensor.

√ The old sensor is lost or completely bad? Input the ID printed on the original sensor with Copy by Manual Input.

 The old sensor is completely bad and there is no way to get the old sensor ID? Use Auto Create to generate sensor IDs after you selecting the test vehicle’s make, model and year.

 Notice: TS408 could program Autel-MX sensors very quickly, but it doesn’t support copy by OBD.

Auto Relearn & Stationary Relearn

The sensor-relearn procedure is necessary, when you need to perform a service to the TPMS system, such as air pressure adjustment, tire rotation or sensor replacement.

 For Auto Relearn: TS408 provides the easy relearn procedure guide on the tool to simplify the auto-relearn process, if the car is designed with auto relearn.

 For Stationary Relearn: TS408 allows transferring the new TPMS sensor IDs to the vehicle’s ECU without driving a vehicle, while triggering the sensors in learn-mode.

 Notice: the relearn function of TS408 works very well, it provides auto relearn and stationary relearn, but not OBD relearn. If your old sensors are dead or cannot be scanned, this function may fail.

Practical Key Fob Testing Function

The TPMS tool Autel TS408 provides the key fob testing, which can precisely test the 315MHz or 433MHz key fobs to ensure whether it is perfectly running, being super easy for users to identify the key fob condition with the loud and clear audio and visual indication. Bottom line, it is of great help and can save you a lot of money and time, rather than going to a dealership or an automotive repair shop.

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