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Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF TPMS Reset Relearn Tool with 4 TPMS Sensors


Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 Plus Extra Screen Wiper TPMS Relearn and Reset Tool MX Sensor Programming DTCs Check and Remove Quick and Advance Mode Tire Sensor ID Read and Clone Better TS408 (TS508)

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Autel MaxiTPMS TS508

1 Second to Read and Erase DTCs: Scan TPMS system, retrieve ECU information, locate problems, Read fault code, find out the problems, and turn off the TPMS light.

2 TPMS Service Modes: Quick Mode and Advanced Mode to suit different diagnostic needs.

3 TPMS Relearning Ways: OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn.

4 MX-Sensors Programming Options: Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input, Auto Create, and Copy by OBD.

5 major data monitoring: Include sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, sensor battery, sensor position.

Comparing with TS501, TS508 has added Quick & Advanced Modes for faster and smarter TPMS repairs, added Tire Type/Pressure Selection for added TPMS services.

Comparing with TS408, TS401, TS508 has added TPMS diagnose capability to read and clear TPMS DTCs, added OBD2 connector to enable users to program sensors by “Copy by OBD” and relearn sensors via “OBD Relearn”.

1 Second to Read and Erase DTCs

1 Second to Read and Erase DTCs: Scan TPMS system, retrieve ECU information, locate problems, Read fault code, find out the problems, and turn off the TPMS light.

Autel TS508 = TPMS Tool + Code Reader Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 is a powerful all-in-one TPMS scan tool, not only it can program/activate/relearn the sensors, but also can scan the TPMS system, do TPMS diagnostics, and read/clear the codes.

TS508 TPMS diagnostic tool: TS508 can quickly scan the TPMS system to check TPMS and sensor state and pinpoint the problems so that users could timely repairs and maintenance. TS508 Code Reader: TS508 will read TPMS faulty codes and give specific code descriptions to facilitate clearing the code and turning off the light.

TS508 TPMS programming tool can be likened to a signal transmitter. The key fob test function designed on TS508 can be used to check the frequency of the key fob and battery electricity to determine whether it needs to be charged or replaced

2 TPMS Service Modes

Quick Mode Service: Scan Sensor & Vehicle Identification Activate All the TPMS Sensor Relearn Sensor: Automatic Relearn Program Sensor: Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input, Auto Create Sensor Information: Sensor ID, Frequency, Voltage, Hardware Version, OE Manufacturer, etc

Advanced Mode Service: TPMS Diagnostics: Check TPMS and Sensor State, Trigger Sensors, Read/Erase DTCs, Re-check ECU, Turn off the Light Program Sensor: Copy by OBD, Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input, Auto Create Position Relearn: OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, Stationary Relearn Information: OE Sensor and MX-Sensor Information, OBD2 Port Location Read/Write Tire Type and Tire Pressure


3 Ways of TPMS Sensors Relearn

Autel TS508 TPMS Relearn Tool can relearn all known sensors (both OEM and aftermarket) on TPMS enabled vehicles(American, European and Asian) to the vehicle’s ECU. It can perform 3 ways of TPMS sensors relearning:

Stationary Relearn: This relearn way requires the vehicle to be placed in the “Learn Mode” and follow the instructions to finish “Relearn”.

Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, the “Relearn” function can be completed automatically by driving, which makes it quite easy to do a complete set of sensor replacement operations on your own.

OBD Relearn: OBD relearn allows the TS508 TPMS relearn tool to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector to make the on-board TPMS modules recognize the new sensors. That is so convenient! (Note: TS401& TS408 not available with OBD Relearn)


4 Modes to Program Autel MX-Sensors

Copy by Activation: If the old sensors are not completely broken, you can activate or trigger the old sensors and retrieve the old ID, and then write it into the new MX-Sensors. The new MX-Sensors can be replaced directly in the original position without relearning.

Copy by Manual Input: If the original sensor is completely bad or can’t be activated, you can find the old ID from the cover of the old sensors, and manually input the old sensor ID to new MX-Sensors.

Auto Create: If the old sensor is completely broken or the original sensor ID can’t be obtained, you can use the TS508 TPMS programming tool Auto create new unique ID to 1-16 MX-Sensor.

Copy by OBD: Compared to Autel TS408 & TS401, TS508 can read/clear TPMS DTCs and has an OBD2 connector. You can connect the OBD cable and read ECU information to receive the old sensor data like sensor ID previously stored in TPMS ECU module and copy it to MX-Sensors.


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