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Autel MaxiTPMS ITS 600


Autel Scanner MaxiTPMS ITS600 TPMS Tool, Updated from Autel TS508/TS601/TS608, Top TPMS Relearn & Sensor Programming Tool with 4 Special Functions(Oil Reset, BMS, SAS, EPB), VIN Scan & Tire Service

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2022 Autel ITS600E: One-Stop TPMS & Maintenance Service

Everything TPMS Solutions, Intelligence Coupled with Versatility

Gear up your workshop for fast, highly advanced and future-proofed maintenance relating to TPMS system. Upgraded from MaxiTPMS TS601, TS608, MK808TS and 2022 newly released, this Autel scanner ITS600 gives mechanics everything on their wish list with an extensive TPMS service menu:

✔️TPMS Relearn Tool >> Automatic, stationary or OBD relearn with built-in guidance with step-to-step instructions.

✔️TPMS Activation Tool >> 100% activate kinds of OEM and universal 315MHz & 433MHz sensors on the market.

✔️MX-Sensor Programming Too >> Four programming options 1) Copy by Activation 2) Copy by Manual Input 3) Auto Create 1-20 4) Copy by OBD; Batch program up to 20 Autel MX-Sensors.

✔️Widespread TPMS Vehicle Coverage >> 99% of worldwide TPMS-equipped vehicles; impressive 70% OBD relearn protocol compatibility for easy sensor relearn; ideal for busy tire shops and automotive repair facilities that works on a fleet of vehicles.

✔️At-A-Glance TPMS Status Screen >> Display all sensors’ pressure (Kpa), temperature (°C), battery life, and compare sensor/ECU data to quickly identify the TPMS error.

✔️Complete TPMS Diagnostics >> Read/clear TPMS codes, with on-screen DTC description.

✔️4 Hot Service Functions >> Oil/EPB/BMS/SAS resets to deal with commonly-required maintenances.

✔️Upgraded RPO Version ITS600 Pro >> Enhanced 22+ service functions + All system diagnostics; ONLY need yearly fees of 124.95 bucks.

✔️Tire Tread & Brake Disc Wear & DOT Detection (*with TBE200/TBE100) >> Scanning laser with 0.1mm accuracy; show tire tread, brake disc ware images, with recommendations; scan DOT data for tire expiration notice and recall lookup.

✔️Lifetime Updates at NO Cost

Multifunctional Tire and Service Tool, One-Stop Solution

Autel has combined the TPMS sensor relearn & activation with Autel 1-Sensor programming features into this 2022 TPMS tool to allow automotive workshops to increase their sales & profits:

100% Activate, Read & Relearn All Known Sensors

  • Activate all kinds of OEM / Universal 315MHz & 433MHz TPMS sensors on the market. Access to data as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery level … etc.

4 Modes to Program Autel MX-Sensors:

  • Copy by OBD: pull the old sensor ID stored in ECU, and write it directly into your MX sensor. Save the time and confusion since much fewer steps are involved. **No relearn is needed.
  • Copy by Activation: activate the damaged sensor that can still send signals. Get its ID and program it to the new Autel MX-sensor. **No relearn is needed.
  • Manual Input: manually write the sensor ID into a new MX sensor if the ID can still be recognized on the unit. **No relearn is needed.
  • Auto Create 1-20 Sensors: generate a brand-new matched sensor ID and program it into 1-20 MX sensors if the old sensor ID can’t be detected by activation. **Relearn is needed.

3 Types of Relearn Procedures:

  • There is built-in detailed guidance for OBD, stationary and automatic relearn procedures. You can quickly get “how to relearn” for the vehicle that you are not familiar with.
  • Automatic Relearn (suitable for most Chrysler, Fiat, VW, Porsche, Bentley, Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, and Jaguar models): use this TPMS service tool to trigger sensors making sure the sensor replacement would work properly after 20 minutes of driving.
  • Stationary Relearn (suitable for some GM, Ford, Nissan models, and some Asian cars): use this TPMS activation tool to trigger the sensors when the vehicle is in the stationary relearn mode.
  • OBD Relearn (suitable for most Asian cars, and some Chrysler, Fiat, Land Rover, and Jaguar models): pull the old sensor ID stored in ECU and directly transfer new sensor IDs if the vehicle is OBD compliant.

Tire DOT Scanning, Tire Safety Made Simple (*with TBE200/TBE100)

This auto diagnostic scanner brings the capture of DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) into the modern age.

  • Forget about the time-consuming manual data input which would easily lead to misidentification. Via the TBE200’s dual cameras, you can easily capture the correct information about your vehicle’s tires by scanning the DOT number on the tire. It won’t just show where the tire was manufactured, its size, the manufacturer, and when the tire was made, but will also help you identify tires that are due for replacement, and which have been recalled due to defects. So you can make an in-time judgment to get those tires off the road.

Comprehensive TPMS Diagnostics, Easy Troubleshooting.

  • With this fully-featured TPMS tool ITS600, you don’t need to buy a separate scan tool to get the TPMS system diagnosed. It will quickly determine the cause of faults on the TPMS system, pull codes, clear codes, check freeze frame data, plot PIDs, and turn off the TPMS warning light.
  • More, the real-time TPMS system data stream can be displayed in text, waveform & analog for you to easily focus on any suspicious data. You’d have enough information to verify issues like Low tire pressure, Faulty in tire pressure monitor control module, Unknown tire sensor, Failure to identify tire sensor, and others.

4 Hot Service Functions to Expand Your Business

This TPMS programming tool goes beyond basic TPMS diagnostics and maintenance. You can perform 4 commonly-used hot functions including Oil/BMS/Brake/SAS resets covering 99% different car models across the world. Even better, the coverage updates through lifetime at NO costs allow your automotive business to keep expanding by these “one-stop” services that your customers would otherwise need to be done at a dealership:

1. Oil Reset

You can use this OBD2 scanner to Reset the oil maintenance minder system; Reset the oil service light; Program oil life change intervals; Turn off oil change lights.

2. BMS Reset

You can use this TPMS tool to evaluate the battery charge state and register the new battery replacement, when you find your car system still holds the old battery parameters and treats the new battery like an old one.

3. Brake Reset

Still suffer the pain to retract electric parking brake calipers after the brake pad replacement? Use this scan tool to easily reset the brake pad in cars and trucks with electronic parking brakes.

4. SAS Reset

This is the vital service function that is not frequently found on cheaper scan tools. It helps erase the record of the old steering angle sensor and overwrite with a new one to make sure your steering stays aligned, and the driver-assistance system works properly.

Optional All System Diagnostics & 22+ Service Functions (*ITS600 Pro)

Access to All Available System Modules:

  • This budget-friendly Autel Scanner opens you the “Pro Version” window via an in-app purchase of ONLY 124.95 bucks yearly. With the Pro Version, you can run diagnostics across all accessible vehicle systems and electronics. That includes Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS, EPB, Immobilizer, IC, DSC, HVAC, etc. You would have enough information needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain all available onboard systems.

22+ Service Functions: The Pro Version of this TPMS tool will also get you into 22+ money-making reset & relearn service functions, which you would normally see in dealer-only diagnostic scanners that cost dearly:

  • EPB: Help replace and reset the brake pad.
  • TPMS: Reset the tire pressure. D
  • PF: Help remove the particulate matter to keep the trap stable.
  • IMMO Keys: Disable any lost keys to prevent the car from being stolen (limited).I
  • njector: Write the new injector code into the car system. S
  • uspension: Adjust the vehicle body height sensor for level calibration. T
  • hrottle: Initialize the throttle actuators to the default state.
  • WIN DR ROOF: Perform door & window matching to recover ECU initial memory. S
  • eats: Calibrate the memory in replaced or repaired seats. L
  • ang Change: Change the vehicle system language.L
  • imit: set the vehicle speed, engine speed and others for the control of output power and speed.A
  • nd much more (Headlamp; CHG Tire Size; TEC Learn; Cylinder; Transmission Adaption; Airbag Reset…)

TBE200 Tire & Brake Examiner

Autel recommends pairing this 2022 TPMS tool ITS600 with TBE200 for laser-enabled measurement of tire tread depth and brake disc wear analysis. The measurement is up to 0.1mm providing accurate data for technicians to document the tire wear and damage. This is undoubtedly a great investment that is worth above 590 bucks and will increase in value as time goes by.

Quick Vehicle ID Technology

This TPMS relearn tool has multiple options for rapid VIN decoding, including Optical VINScan, QR Code Scan, Barcode Scan, Plate Scan, Auto VIN detect, and Manual Input to pull up the exact make, model, and feature configuration from the manufacturer. It can even identify MMY and sensor OE part numbers via cloud-based VIN decoding.

Easy Wireless Update via WiFi

Autel has ensured this TPMS tool’s features & vehicle coverage continues to grow and bugs kept being fixed, with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at one touch via WiFi. Unlike other TPMS relearn tools and diagnostic scanners such as TS601, it is easy to update and without involving connection to an external PC.

Your Vehicles Are Covered

You would never know what’s going to drive into your workshop next! But this auto diagnostic scanner will get you covered.

  • It works on 99% of American, European, and Asian car manufacturers, 80+ TPMS-equipped car models on the market; well-suited to mechanics who work on a wide range of cars throughout the day.
  • The software within this Autel scanner can be updated on demand throughout its lifetime at no extra charge to cover the most recent car makes and models.
  • At 70%, this TPMS relearn tool has a remarkable percentage of OBD relearn protocols than any other TPMS tools.
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable. This TPMS programming tool can program Autel MX-Sensors to replace 99% of OE sensors without hassles (>95% stability). Maximum 20 Autel MX-sensors within 4 inches can be programmed at one time.

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